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About Butte College

Butte College serves approximately 15,000 students a year and is an accredited community college located just 75 miles north of Sacramento. We are a Hispanic-Serving Institution and offer more than 200 degree and certificate programs. Students can earn associate degrees, train for career options, or take general education classes to transfer to a CSU, UC, or private university. Butte College has the highest transfer rate to CSU, Chico, and many of our alumni have successful careers in fire, nursing, law enforcement, welding, business, computer science, heavy equipment and more. The College also offers degrees with guaranteed transfer to California State Universities—with 32 Associate in Arts for Transfer and Associate in Science for Transfer degrees. 

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The College's Mission Statement

Butte College is a student-ready, rural community college that provides high-quality, accessible education and support. Our career and transfer pathways cultivate curiosity and critical thinking through instruction, workforce training, and the achievement of associate degrees and certificates. Butte College is a Hispanic-Serving Institution that affirms its commitment to equity for the diverse, intersectional communities we serve. 

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A National Leader in Sustainability

Butte College has a long history of sustainability.

In 2011, Butte College became the first college to become 'grid positive,' meaning that the College had the capacity to generate enough electricity from its solar arrays to fully offset its electricity cost.

The College is home to 25,000 solar panels and has the ability to generate 6.4 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year or 4.5 megawatts DC – enough to power over 920 homes.

The College is a national leader for community colleges in sustainability due to student engagement both at the college and in the community, infusion of sustainability into the curriculum, workforce development focused on green jobs, LEED certified buildings, sustainable land use management, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Helping Students Succeed

The Butte College Foundation is a non-profit, 501(C)(3) charitable organization and serves as the fundraising arm for Butte College. Donations to the Foundation help support Butte College students and programs. Scholarships can be named in honor of a loved one to leave a lasting legacy. For more information, contact the Foundation at 530-895-2359 or visit

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